Scout - Dealer

Best selling electric bike scooter – Great reliability

“We have sold more than 500 Davinci Scouts over the last 18 months and have had no major issues whatsoever.”

“The companies I used to deal with were nothing compared to the service I received from Davinci. I rarely have any issues with Davinci bikes however when I did have a minor issues like a defective headlight, Davinci sent one out immediately. In the past, I had to wait for my distributor to order the parts on his next container from overseas. Sometimes I had to wait 3 months. I will never go back to those other distributors ever again. Davinci is the only way to go.”

Tom Roberts, Manager of West Coast Electric

Nomad Customer

What does Marjorie’s daughter think of her ride?

Marjorie Jamieson thinks her Davinci Nomad is a great solution to deal with the heavy traffic to and from work when most drivers are just frustrated and wasting time and energy.

Marjorie always hated the daily commutes in her car when she was in bumper to bumper traffic. She never intended for his Davinci Nomad to replace her car, but realized she could reduce the amount of pollution that she creates by riding it now and again. Marjorie said that an additional bonus for her is that riding in the bike lane allowed her to bypass all the heavy traffic that she had always despised.

The Davinci Nomad was so much fun to ride that Marjorie does more than commute to work in it. She said that frequently after work she will go for a long extended cruise around the neighborhood down to the park and sometimes even to the shopping mall. On occasion, she drives to nearby small towns on the weekends just to show it off. She also enjoys the interaction with other riders she meets at the Starbucks who give her the thumbs up over their own steering wheels. She found that the trunk is a convenient size to carry home her groceries or other items from the store. Of course, she usually finds several people admiring her Davinci Nomad when she walks out to the mall parking lot.

Marjorie said that he likes to see how younger kids react to the vehicle when they see her coming down the street. Younger children who are out with their parents will stop and jump up and down and wave so she beeps at them. Young people often call out, "Hey lady, we like your ride". Her 12-year-old daughter's school friends often say to her daughter “…I wish my mom was as cool as yours”. Many kids at her daughter’s school are inspired by Marjorie’s effort to do something good for the environment. Riding a zero emissions vehicle and promoting environmentally friendly transportation is the wave of the future and Marjorie is proud to be a part of it.

Marjorie, has always cared about the environment but having a young daughter has really made her think about how important it is to set a good example and how important it is to save the planet for future generations. Buying a Davinci electric scooter bike was the best solution.

Moby Customer

“I feel like I am 10 years old again. Thanks Davinci” – Martin Phillips

Martin Phillips loves his Moby. Martin loved to hang out with his granddaughter but riding bikes with her was now out of the question. Then Moby came along…

Martin was not ready for a mobility scooter. Martin was still driving a car and was very independent. He tried a mobility scooter down at the local pharmacy store because his son said that it could help him get around a little easier but it made him feel old. The little tiny wheels, the beep beep sounds and the wimpy steering column that the scooter had….he may as well have been covering his shoulders and legs with a shawl because he felt 100 years old.

Last summer everything changed. Martin was out with his granddaughter, Kaitlen, feeding the ducks at the pond when an elderly lady and her granddaughter were riding through the park trails. The young girl was riding her bike and the grandmother was riding a Moby.

Kaitlen said to Martin, "can we do that someday Grandpa?" Martin was overwhelmed with hope. The next day Martin purchased a Moby and now the rest is history. Martin goes out every day for a ride with Kaitlen. He picks her up after school and they ride back home together side by side, Kaitlen on her bike and Martin on his Moby. All Kaitlen’s friends think that Martin is the coolest Grandpa ever and he feels like he is 10 years old again.

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