What is the maximum speed of each bike? I cannot find this information on the spec sheets?

Government regulations governing the maximum speed for an electric bike scooter vary from province to province in Canada, and from state to state in America. At Davinci, we are constantly monitoring any changes in government regulations regarding e-bikes and therefore provide different versions of our bikes for different destinations. All the Davinci bikes have high internal speed capabilities and are adjusted before being shipped to a specific destination.

Some other websites say that their electric bikes will travel 200 km on a single charge, is that true?

It maybe possible to have an e-bike with that sort of range capabilities, but highly unlikely. We have seen some very exaggerated claims when it comes to marketing e-bikes. At Davinci we prefer to honestly advertise the performance expectations of our e-bikes. You will find that the determining distance factors will be battery type, battery amp/hour rating, rider weight, bike weight and incline of roads. On average the typical e-bike will be capable of traveling 40-60 km on a single charge.

What makes your bikes better than the rest?

We firmly believe that we make the best electric scooters and bikes available. There are many small factors in the construction process that make a large difference in the finished product. Reliable pre-tested components rather than generic un-tested or randomly tested components are used in our electric scooters and bikes. Usually the best products come with higher costs and not all manufacturers take this route. At Davinci, we guarantee to use good quality tested components in the manufacturing process thus resulting in a superior finished product. Another contributing factor is quality control in the manufacturing plants. We have 30 QC inspectors on staff that monitor every aspect of the production process. Our quality control personnel are the best available in the industry and therefore our electric scooters and bikes are far superior to the other electric bikes and scooters on the market.

I saw an electric bike for $800 at the local hardware store, why should I buy yours instead?

There are some so called no name “brands” in the marketplace that appear to have alluring prices. Our clientele prefer good value. In other words, our clientele prefer buying a very good electric scooter bike at a reasonable price rather than the cheapest electric scooter bike possible. Inevitably, purchasing a bargain priced electric scooter bike will lead to a major headache. Even if the seller is offering a long warranty, the parts of the bike may no longer be in stock as these no name “brands” are essentially fly by night companies. Typically the cheap manufacturers will be out of business after 1 or 2 years and the warranty is no longer valid and/or parts are not attainable. Davinci has a huge network of dealers and we stand behind our product with real warranties and continual support to our dealers with ongoing training and parts supply.

My husband and I travel to California with our motor home for several months every year. Can I use your bikes in the trailer campgrounds?

Definitely, you may use the electric bike scooters in trailer campgrounds. As a matter of fact many trailer parks in California, Florida, Oregon and Arizona have banned the use of gas powered scooters as they are too noisy and produce too much smoke which is very disruptive to the residents. Electric bike scooters are a very popular form of transportation in Trailer campgrounds.

I operate a B&B and have decided to purchase two E-taxis from you to take my customers on winery tours in the area. I was going to have my logo put on locally here but cannot find someone to do it as we live in a small community. Can you help me?

Yes we can help you. Many small businesses have taken advantage of using the E-taxi in ways very similar to yours. The advantages of having your logo and graphics added to your E-taxi are enormous. About 50% of our customers add their logos by themselves after the purchase and the other 50% have us put their logo on for them. The least expensive way is for us to put the logo on your E-Taxi at the time of vehicle production.

Are there any restrictions on who can or can not use the electric bikes?

There are varying restrictions depicting the usage requirements for e-bikes. Most states and provinces have put an age limit on the rider to be a minimum of 16 years. However, there are some exceptions, for example, the Province of Alberta has an age restriction of 14 years. Typically there is no requirement for a driver’s license, insurance nor registration to legally operate an e-bike on the streets.

Which is better, tube tires or tubeless?

Tires with inner tubes are typically lighter than tubeless tires. The extra beads and tread of a tubeless tire can add noticeable weight to the wheel. The heavier the total wheel weight the less throttle responsiveness the e-bike will feel. Tubeless tires tend to leak air at the rims, if there is a dent on the rim itself. One of the main advantages of tube tires is that they are easier to balance, which results in a smoother ride.

I noticed that some of the electric bikes are available with Li-Ion batteries, what are the advantages for this type of battery?

Lithium Ion batteries have been on the market for several years now and are often found on cell phones and other portable digital devices. Their main strong points are their lightweight and no noticeable memory effect. The other notable rechargeable battery type is Nickel Cadmium, though this type of battery suffers from bad memory effect and is relatively heavy and can only be recharged a hundred times. By far the most dominant battery type is lead acid, the same type of battery used in most automobiles. Most of the Davinci electric scooters and bikes use a sealed lead acid style of batteries as they do not spill the liquid components out of their casing when they are tipped over. Sealed lead acid batteries are inexpensive compared to their Li-Ion counterparts and have no adverse memory effects. They can typically be recharged several hundred times (sometimes as many as 1000 times) and still deliver a full charge. You will find that specific models of Davinci electric bikes will use a Li-Ion battery, and this is in circumstances where the Li-Ion batteries advantages for that specific bikes needs will out weigh their disadvantages.

We have an e-bike store with a service department, but my technicians often have questions about repairing bikes, who can they call?

At Davinci we are very proud of our commitment to our dealers which include the dealer’s service department. We have factory trained technicians utilizing some of the most high tech diagnostic equipment. The factory is only a phone call away for discussions regarding repairs or modification.

Will your bikes go as fast as my brothers gas moped?

Gas powered mopeds have a very slight speed advantage over e-bikes….for now. Davinci has recently released the RR controller that has taken 7 years to develop and bikes utilizing this revolutionary new controller, such as the Nomad are giving gas mopeds a run for their money, and our e-bikes don’t have to stop at the gas station.