The Falcon

Price: $2795
The Falcon is an innovative and multi-purpose electric vehicle. The Falcon can be used in countless applications. Most common uses include golf courses, resorts, security patrol, airports, and warehouse facilities. The Falcon is a workhouse. It can tow heavy loads, and is powered by a quiet electric motor which is perfect for applications where zero emissions is critical and also where noise is an issue.

Originally designed for use on the golf course, this vehicle is permitted on any part of a golf course. Being very lightweight and equipped with ‘turf keeper’ tires, the Falcon will not damage the fairways like larger traditional golf carts. Many courses now offer the Falcon as the only cart option they have for rental. No more “cart path only” restrictions, lets clients play the game with less walking. The Falcon has become a club favorite at many leading courses across the country.

Police started using the Falcon in airports several years ago and have found that the Falcon’s excellent handling, speed, long battery life and stability make it a perfect choice for patrolling indoor airport terminals, where the use of gas powered vehicles is forbidden for obvious reasons.

Large municipalities use the Falcon for duties such as parking meter enforcement, graffiti removal vehicles, construction crew transporters and for use in parades and festivals to carry officials quickly across vast areas without the use of an automobile which is too dangerous in densely crowded situations.

Available with special custom fittings such as a trailer, the Falcon can also be used as a first aid vehicle, security patrol, supervisor vehicle, refuse collection vehicle…the list goes on. There are multiple attachments that are possible on the Falcon, including a tow bar, a utility basket, and a golf bag holder. The Falcon is a tough durable electric vehicle ideal for multiple indoor and outdoor uses.

The Falcon Specs
  • Frame
    Lightweight steel tubing
  • Motor
    1000 watt hub style
  • Battery
    M1 smart battery, sealed lead acid deep cycle 48 volt 4 x 12v 38ah.
  • Controller
    X-11 with power boost
  • Front Suspension
    Reverse fork twin tube
  • Rear Suspension
    Coil over dual rate, dampened
  • Rear Brakes
    Sealed internal twin shoe drum
  • Front Wheel
    Machined aluminum 14 inch.
  • Rear Wheel
    Machined aluminum 14 inch.
  • Front Tire
    90/90/12 tubed all terrain
  • Rear Tire
    90/110/12 tubed all terrain
  • Head Light
    High efficiency
  • Tail Light
    High Efficiency
  • Ground Clearance
    6 inches
  • Security System
    Locking steering column
  • Total Rider Max Weight
    240 lbs.
  • Extra Passenger
  • Body
    Lightweight PVC
  • Instrument Panel
    Light, power, turn indicators, speedometer, odometer
  • Mirrors
    2 color matched - optional
  • Seat
    Tall back, padded seat
  • Storage
    Lockable behind seat
  • Dimensions
    70 inch. x 30 inch. 70 inch. H
  • Accessories
    Battery Charger
  • Options Availbale
    Windshield wiper

Supplies and Accessories