The Police

Davinci’s E-Taxi is an innovative eco-friendly solution to the overcrowded pollution problem many cities and communities are facing. Davinci’s E-Taxi network is growing at a phenomenal pace. Communities are getting crowded and busier everyday. Furthermore, old marketing and promotional ideas are not creative enough to capture the consumer’s attention. Le Voila! Davinci’s E-Taxi.

The E-Taxi is a vehicle designed from the ground up to be used in the advertising and hospitality industries. Whether it be used to shuttle tourists through the downtown core of large metropolitan cities or driven through rush hour traffic to gain attention. This electric vehicle is ready to help your business get noticed.

Davinci’s E-Taxi efficiently reduces emissions and therefore pollution inside cities and communities and is an ecologically friendly advertising vehicle. The E-Taxi is perfect at crowded community events, as a shuttle service, and as an effective means of advertising to the desensitized consumer.

European communities have taken advantage of the E-taxi’s ability to gain attention and its subtle ability to influence viewers to understand that the advertiser is environmentally conscious. Eco awareness is the wave of the future. Most consumers prefer to deal with environmentally friendly companies and advertisers who market their product with the E-Taxi reap all the positive responses from the consumers.

Tourist destinations have long been using the E-Taxi as the new pedicab. People will often choose this unusual form of transport over more conventional vehicles like the automobile taxi. You can’t enjoy the scenic wonders of ones journey from the back of a car. Whether it is used as a stand alone tourist attraction to take people through the park, or used as a privately chartered guest transport for a major hotel, the E-Taxi is the wave of the future.

The E-Taxi comes paint ready, awaiting your company logo and artwork.

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