The Moby Q4

Davinci has taken its revolutionary best selling crossover Scooter the Moby T1 and applied all the benefits and features into a more traditional 4 wheel design and created the Moby Q4.

Davinci’s Moby Scooter product line is designed for those who are not ready for a wheelchair or traditional overpriced underpowered mobility scooter.

The Q4 can help you regain your independence in a fashionable way. Elegant and effortless to maneuver, the Moby Q4 has the power of to climb hill and the speed to go on straightaways. Every detail is carefully designed to provide the utmost comfort and reliability.

Motorcycle style twist throttle combined with a new variable speed adjustment knob give the Moby Q4 great user control at high or low speeds. Giving you the ability to get to the store quickly, then cruise in the store at lower speeds. Four wheels give the rider the feeling of more stability. Handy reverse switch lets you back up effortlessly. The built-in hill holder safety auto brake mechanism means you don't even need to use the brakes. The brakes will be applied automatically any time that you release the throttle. The Moby Q4 will roll away on hills even when the vehicle is turned off, as it will only move when the throttle is applied.

Under seat and rear cargo areas can be used for groceries or for bringing your pet along for a ride in the park. There is even a glove box area for your phone or glasses.

Wireless key FOB alarm system is activated with a single push of a button. The Moby Q4 is equipped with headlights, turn signals, brake lights and even has a horn, making it fully street legal.

Options. Ergonomic seat design is extremely comfortable with high back, adjustable tilting, and has flip up arms which making entry and exit a breeze.

The Moby Q4 Specs
  • Body
    Lightweight PVC
  • Instrument Panel
    light, power, turn indicators,reverse, speed indicator
  • Mirrors
    2 colour matched - optional
  • Seat
    Tall back, padded seat, flip up arms, multi position, pivoting
  • Storage
    Front mounted metal basket
  • Dimensions
    51 inch. x 25 inch. x 42 inch. H
  • Accessories
    Stainless steel bumper, battery Charger
  • Options Availbale
    Fog, warning lights, music system

Supplies and Accessories