The Retro

The Davinci Retro is considered the best built Electric Scooter in the world. German Engineering with Italian styling, the Retro is the best selling electric scooter in Germany, Italy, and Spain. The Davinci Retro is now available in North America due to recent increase in purchasing power of Canadians.

The Retro has classic styling with chrome in all the right places and a durable rugged steel frame. Finely crafted seats with embossed stitching. Down turned handlebars which make the Retro easy to operate and offers constant feedback of the bikes amazing handling of the road. The wide comfortable foot deck offers ample legroom for all riders. The instant throttle response of the Retro reminds you that the bike is powered by a high torque electric motor that was designed and built to exacting German standards.

Five years of research and development went into creating the best electronic controller available today, which can properly handle the power demands of the Retro electric motor. The Davinci R550 controller is responsible for all the power management responsibilities of the bike, ensuring the 5 oversized 38 amp hour batteries are always responsive and in precise sync with the throttle and motor.

The revolutionary patented Starke GMBH motor offers plenty of torque. With more than enough power to carry two people up hills. Fully street legal, the Retro features headlights, turn signals, horn, full instrumentation panel, rear cargo carrier tray and plenty of lockable storage under the seat. Outfitted with hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, the Retro can stop in a moments notice. The Davinci Retro is a powerful classic, its beauty and eco friendly electric motor will be admired for generations.

The Retro Specs

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