The Nomad

The Nomad is powerful and can go anywhere. The Nomad is our best selling electric bike scooter. It has more available power than any other electric bike scooter on the market. It will accommodate larger riders. Racing inspired long travel suspension gives the Nomad a soft ride yet amazing handling abilities when under the most demanding conditions.

The latest innovations in e-bike technology are all incorporated into the Nomad. From Gen 9 Megacharge battery packs to ESS reserve power back up systems to smart front disc brakes, which constantly, electronically monitor many different parameters and automatically adjusts the brakes instantly for optimal braking performance under any circumstances. This new breed of e-bike sets the bar for which all e-bikes will be compared against.

The Nomad is currently only available in the LX edition. The LX version incorporates a double Ricco motor and a sophisticated Double R controller. The heart of the Nomad's amazing speed and acceleration is the Double R controller mated with its motor counterpart. The sophisticated computer technology on board draws less of the available power from the battery but keeps a massive amount of energy in reserve for instant throttle response.

The Nomad performs like a beast powering up hills and speeding down straightaways. It's an amazing experience to feel sudden acceleration on this e-bike scooter. Davinci is the first in the world to achieve this type of throttle performance.

The Nomad also has plenty of storage compartments, shatter resistant body plastic, high output lighting technology, lightweight tubular framing, great ergonomic design, and a wireless key FOB anti-theft system.

Centrally mounted batteries lower the center of gravity of the Nomad, giving it very quick agile responsiveness in demanding conditions and make everyday riding feel effortless as the bike feels very balanced and easy to maneuver.

Available in Black, Cobalt Grey, or Burgundy color options.

The Nomad Specs
  • Frame
    Lightweight steel tubing
  • Speed
  • Motor
    Ricco double RR hub 500+
  • Battery
    G9 mega charge, sealed lead acid deep cycle, 60 volt. 20 ah
  • Controller
    RR race controller with power reserve
  • Front Suspension
    Reverse fork twin tube race port valving
  • Rear Suspension
    Coil over dual rate, pre-load adjustable dampened
  • Front Brakes
    Hydraulic disc, auto sensor
  • Rear Brakes
    Sealed internal twin shoe drum
  • Front Wheel
    Machined aluminum 11 inch.
  • Rear Wheel
    Machined aluminum 11 inch.
  • Front Tire
    10 inch. x 3 inch. tubed all terrain
  • Rear Tire
    10 inch. x 3 inch. tubed all terrain
  • Head Light
    Halogen high output
  • Tail Light
    High output
  • Ground Clearance
    9 inch.
  • Security System
    Locking steering column, motion alarm, wireless FOB
  • Total Rider Max Weight
    250 lbs.
  • Extra Passenger
    Driver + 1 extra rider
  • Body
    Lightweight PVC
  • Instrument Panel
    Light, power, turn indicators, odometer, speedometer
  • Mirrors
    2 adjustable hi-stem - optional
  • Seat
    Elongated, dual rider, flipup
  • Storage
    Lockable underseat, glove compartment
  • Dimensions
    66 inch. x 22 inch. x 46 inch. H
  • Accessories
    Battery Charger
  • Options Availbale
    Rear cargo

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