The Scout

The Davinci Scout is one of the most reliable, user-friendly electric bike scooters in Canada. With its incredible build quality and advanced styling combined with great ergonomics, this bike is always a best seller.

Available in a multitude of color combinations with an entry-level price point, customers of all walks of life, young, old, male, or female gravitate towards this bike.

Tall handlebars give plenty of legroom for tall riders with long legs. The perfectly center weighted design of the Scout makes it very agile for even the smallest rider. Quick and nimble is a perfect way to describe the Scout as it takes very little effort from the rider to maneuver the Scout. Three lockable storage areas provide plenty of room for the shopper, student, or road warrior. The Sport edition of the Scout has adjustable mirrors, a Lexan visor, and a removable front basket.

The Davinci Scout has the latest anti-theft features built in. In fact, there are four security systems included with the bike.

A powerful 500 watt sealed hub motor provides years of maintenance free enjoyment. The motor gets its power from a state of the art electronic controller with all the latest features built in. The controller has a new “power watch” technology which constantly monitors available battery charge and never lets the battery discharge too deeply, preventing costly irreversible battery damage. Patented Quickcharge electronic voltage regulators ensure that the battery is fully charged in as little time as possible.

The Scouts Specs
  • Frame
    Lightweight steel tubing
  • Speed
  • Motor
    500 watt rear wheel hub style
  • Battery
    M1 smart battery, sealed lead acid deep cycle 48 volt 4 x 12v 12ah.
  • Controller
    Generation 5 with power reserve
  • Front Suspension
    Reverse fork twin tube
  • Rear Suspension
    Coil over dual rate, dampened
  • Rear Brakes
    Sealed internal twin shoe drum
  • Front Wheel
    Machined aluminum 14"
  • Rear Wheel
    Machined aluminum 14"
  • Front Tire
    18 inch. x 2.5 inch. tubed all terrain
  • Rear Tire
    18 inch. x 2.5 inch. tubed all terrain
  • Head Light
    LED low power, high efficiency
  • Tail Light
    LED low power, high efficiency
  • Ground Clearance
    6 inches
  • Security System
    Locking steering column, motion alarm, key lock, rear wheel lock
  • Total Rider Max Weight
    240 lbs.
  • Extra Passenger
    Driver + 1 extra passenger
  • Body
    Lightweight PVC
  • Instrument Panel
    Light, power, turn indicators
  • Mirrors
    2 adjustable hi-stem - optional
  • Seat
    Elongated, dual rider, flip up
  • Storage
    Lockable under seat, lockable glove compartment, lockable rear cargo, front basket - optional
  • Dimensions
    72 inch. x 15 inch. x 45 inch. H
  • Accessories
    Battery Charger
  • Options Availbale
    Sport package - visor, basket, mirrors

Supplies and Accessories